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Temp.Control Soldering Irons
Analog Temp. Controlled Soldering Stations : -936 & -936 ESD
Protection to Electronic Circuits,
Reduction from Noise Interference, compliance with safety requirements such as CE,UL,MIL etc
Environmental Protection,
Temperature locking facility.
High insulation, fine ceramic heater with an insulated resistance of over 300MO at a temperature of 400ºc and excellent isolating transformer 24VAC.
Non ESD and ESD Designs
Models -936 -936 ESD
Power Consumption 60W 60W
In/Output voltage 220V/24V 50Hz 220V/24V 50Hz
Temp. Range 200-480ºc 200-480ºc
Temp. Control Accuracy ± 2ºc (no load) ± 1 ºc (no load)
Res. between tip and ground <2 W <2 W
Vol. between tip and ground <2mv <2mv
Dimentions 120(w)x93(h)x170(d) Same
Digital Display Temp. Controlled Soldering Stations Model: -937 ESD
Digital indicator ensures accurate temperature setting by all personal.
Once set, temperature cannot be changed without inserting the key card.
Compact unit takes up little space on the workbench.
Thinner grip for easier use.
ESD safe.
Power Consumption 60W
In/Output voltage 220V/24V 50Hz
Temp. Range 200-480ºc
Temp. Control Accuracy ± 2 ºc (no load)
Res. between tip and ground <2 W
Vol. between tip and ground <2mv
Weight 1.5 kg
Temp.Controlled Soldering Station Model: Fx-951
Detailed Product Description:
1. Control Card can lock the temperature.
2. Auto Sleeping mode and Automatic shut off when not use.
*Excellent hermal recovery.
*Quick and easy offsetting of tip temperature by the digital offset function.
*Low temperature alarm function is provided.
*ESD safe by design.
Model FX-951
Temperature Range 200C- 450C or 50C- 500C
Temperature Stability(no load) 5C
Output Voltage 24VAC
Max Power 75W
Time of temperature rising(20C- 350C) < 50 Sec
Heating Theory Induction Heater
Tip to Ground Resistance < 2O
Tip to Ground Potential < 2mV
Auto Sleeping Yes
Temperature- Lock Mode Control card
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