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We are proud to present the SMD Rework Station which is bound to match all your expectations. Our SMD Rework Stations are meant for people who want to have a compact reworking station combined with an economical price.
• Analog type rework system with temperature offset function.
• Variations in temperature between workpieces can be offset using CAL knob
• Incorporated airflow meter makes the control of airflow volume precise and easy
Packing List:
 Part No.  Packing List
 No.FR801  Main Unit (HAKKO FR-801 Station), Handpiece Holder, Power Cord, FP   Pick- up, FP Pick-up Wire (S / L), Instruction Manual: 1pc each
 Model No.  FR801
 Power consumption  310W
 Temperature range   100-500ēC (Use No.A1130)
  Power consumption   30W
  Air flow   5-20L/min. (Max.)
  Dimensions   160(W) x 145(H) x 230(D)mm
  Weight   4kg
 Hot Air Handpiece
  Power consumption   280W
  Total length   185mm
  Weight   115g
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