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Electro Static Discharge (ESD) is the momentary and unwanted electric current that flows between two objects at different electrical potentials. It may cause damage to electronic equipment causing fire, explosion, heat, light and sound. Our ESD control products provide efficient solutions to our clients' various ESD problems.
ESD Protected Area
We offer to our customers a wide range of ESD Protected Area Equipment and Systems that includes ESD Work Station, ESD Chairs, Antistatic Mats and ESD Work surface Grounding excellent in quality and competitive price range.
ESD Workstations
JBL Offers the widest range of ESD Work Stations, Clean  room tables and Workbenches in the Industry.
All Workstations and Workbenches are Stainless Steel or MS Welded Pipe Structure tables or Modular Aluminum tables, We have the table for your need.
Workstation tops come in variety of Colors, Laminate, and ESD options. All Wiring is done internally for safety of the Operator and improving the Aesthetics of the work place
Workstation accessories
ESD Chairs
Electro static dissipative operator chair is essentially designed for discharge the accumulated electrical charges for the operator during critical electronic assembly.
Material: Antistatic PU leather
Color - blue and black
Height: adjustable
adjustable pneumatic rod)
Surface resistance: 10^7 to 10^11 ohms/sq.
Plastic star shaped foot, (on wheels)
High strength and durable nylon castor Built-in conductive metal chain
ESD TILES- The flooring tiles are compressed ESD Vinyl based tiles available in both conductive and static dissipative                   Properties
For Electronics Assembly / Lab rooms / Pharmaceutical Industries / Operation theatres etc.,
Size:- appx. 600 mm x 600 mm
Thickness:- 2 mm and 3 mm
Surface Resisitivity :- 10^4 to 10^6 ohms /sq. conductive, 10^7 to 10^9 Antistatic
Surface to Ground Resisitance :- < or =10^9 ohms
Antistatic  Rubber Mats
This is double layered high temperature Resistant mat that is ideal for Static Safe Work Benches. The material has high resistance to solder and chemicals,  when contacted.
Surface Resistivity (point to point)
5 x 107 Ohms
5 x 107 Ohms
3 x 106 Ohms
Decay Test
5KV – 50V(less than 0.01 sec.)
Transit Strength
1000 PSI (min)
@ break – 30%
2 mm
1 Mtr x 10 Mtr,
1.2 Mtr x 10 Mtr
ESD Mats
Static dissipative mats are very important members of statfighter family, to constitute a static safe area. An ideal dissipative mat should not generate any triboelectric charge and should dissipate any charge brought from outside.The mat should also withstand harsh assembly environments like hot solder and corrosive chemicals.
Top Layer : static dissipative in blue
Surface Resistance : Less than 10" ohms/sq
Bottom layer: Conductive black
Surface Resistance : Less than 10" ohms/sq
Standard Width : 2Meters
Standard Thikness: 1.5mm
Top & Bottom Layer : Static dissipative in Blue Almond Brown or Grey colors
Surface Resistance : Less than 10" ohms/sq
Sandwich layer: Conductive black
Surface Resistance : Less than 10" ohms/sq
Standard Width : 2 Meters & 1.5 Meters
Standard Thikness: 2.0 mm
Esd Work Surface Grounding
 Common point ground
2 mtr length common point ground snaps to bench mat & allows two operators to ground wrist straps simultaneously.

 Dual Bench Mount Ground
Multiple grounding points provide common ground point to mat tops.Allow unit to be permanently installed at workbench .

Grounding Cords
2 mtr length Grounding cord with one end stud button and one end C.clip with 1 megohm.

2 mt r length Interconnecting cords with both end stud buttons.

Interconnecting grounding cord with both end stud buttons.

3 mtr / 5 mtr grounding cord with one end stud button and one end thumble.
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