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We offer to our customers a wide range of ESD cleanroom products. which is specifically designed to create ultra-clean and safe environment in your area.our products removing even the littlest particles of contamination from the room. Our clean room dust control products are used on a large basis in different industries around the world.our range of cleanroom Products includes cleanroom consumables,cleanroom disposables,cleanroom clothing cleanroom designing excellent in quality and competitive price range.
Dust Control Sticky Mats
Our collection of cleanroom sticky mats and disposable door mats use the latest purifying concepts and techniques to develop these products. These room entrance adhesive door-mats are used to the entrances and buffer zones of clean rooms for purification and removal of dust. These cleanroon clothing effectively removes the dust from the shoe soles and wheels.
Technical Data:
No. Item Specifications
1. Basic Material 0.05mm thick glue-coated polythene
2. Specifications 18"x36" ; 24"x36" ; 26"x45" ; 31"x35"
3. Number of layers 30 layers/piece
4. Thickness 1.6 mm/piece
5. Colour Blue
6. 180°maximum extension 300g/25mm
7. Package 8 piece/box; 10 piece/box
8. Appearance No air bubbles on the surface, Flexible without losing its shape,
9. Anti-dust effect Efficiency is 99.9%
Our team is also capable of developing these products as per clients specific application.
Application :
These sticky mats are mainly used for removing dust from shoe soles to keep the surrounding clean. It is used in different industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor, Printed Circuits, Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Component Manufacturing and many more.
Antistatic Lint Free Fabrics
Our ESD fabrics are made from 95 % polyester continuous filament yarns,with electrical conductive fibers interwoven in striped or checked pattern at regular intervals. The fabric are designed and engineered to exceed cleanroom and ESD requirements. They are durable with excellent
washability, comfortable with superior ventilation and sweat absorption.
Surface Resistivity:  10^6 to10^8 ohms/sq.
static decay : < OR = 1 sec
Colour : white/blue /green /pink
People who work in clean rooms must wear special protective dissipative lint free clothing called .bunny suits or coverall. that do not give off lint particles and prevent human skin and hair particles from entering the room's atmosphere.
Clean Room Gloves & Finger Cots
Advisable for people who work in clean rooms to wear special protective dissipative and chemical resistant gloves to prevent dust particles being carried to any object in the clean room's atmosphere.
Shoe Covers
1. Antistatic cloth shoe cover
2. Non-woven Shoe Cover
3. CPE Shoe cover and P E Shoe cover
Shoes Cover Machine
Printed circuits
Optical lenses
Some of the features of our cleaning wipes are:
Used in wet & dry applications
Compatible with all conventional cleaning fluids.
No abrasion
Zero static generation
Low tribo-generation
High absorbency characteristics
Static dissipative
Lint and dust free
Washable as well as reusable
Superior water/solvent retention
Non-scratch characteristics
Static Elimination
Flawlessly designed to neutralize floating static charges on insulated and isolated objects, our air ionization control products are worth for their distinguished features, which popularize them in national as well as international markets. Our super grade air ionization control products are made using quality raw materials and are designed with precision and attention to provide the clients maximum satisfaction. We offer ionizing gun, horizontal ionizing air blower etc.

One of the leading manufacturer of complete line of Corona treating system, Static eliminator, Induction cap sealing machine, Ozone Generator and Static Charger. We have installed more than 10,000 equipment worldwide giving solution to different static problem Static eliminators are used to eliminate static and dust. Static electricity is a problem, which companies face globally. It primarily affects industries, which handle non conductive materials like plastics, paper, board, laminates and textiles. The electrostatic attraction repulsion cause materials to stick to machinery, or to each other, leading to jams, slow machine speed and poor quality and productivity. Friction, pressure and separation are the major causes of static electricity. When humidity is lower, higher static charges are generated. It becomes more noticeable in the months of winter, in dry laminates, and in air conditioned environments.
The generation and accumulation of unwanted electrostatic charges, both surface and airborne, poses a serious problem in various industries and laboratories. For instance, static charge meter can create havoc with sensitive equipment and electronic components.

This Bench Top Instrument is designed to neutralize your ESD work-station or ESD protected area with a stream of ionized air. It does what Wrist straps, conductive mats & ESD Laminates cannot doi. e remove static charges from nonconductive objects and surfaces.

The Static neutralizer is portable and uses a small fan to produce airflow. High voltages are generated out of the supply line, HV voltage is applied to stainless steel ion emitter points. These points produce intense alternating polarities, ionizing the air instantly from the fan airflow.

The Static neutralizer is designed for when handling sensitive electronic components where electrostatic discharge is a problem. The unit can also be used where static electricity causes problems such as; attraction of drift to product, misalignment of small parts due to electrostatic jumping and undesirable adhesion of plastic films due to electrostatic charge.
Air flow 1.8 cu m/min
Noise Level 45dba (at 1 m)
Power Supply 210V  250V AC/50Hz
Ionization Voltage +/- 6KV
Un Balance Voltage < +/- 100V
Construction Power coated MS cabinet
Dimensions 230 x 150 x 110mm
Weight Apex. 2.9 Kgs
Warranty One Year
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